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  • Targeted Training

    Why sit through training that isn't relevant to your role? Our SCORM-Compliant Software Simulations are short, role and task-based modules, typically 3 - 6 minutes in length.

    This enables organisations to deliver appropriate training to targeted audiences at the point-of-need, and users can access the materials as often as they wish.

  • Eliminate Brain Drain

    Eliminate Brain Drain

    Organisations are increasingly under pressure to insource capability, eliminate contract positions, and retain knowledge held by long-serving staff. Our Knowledge Capture and Transfer solution enables our clients to achieve these outcomes in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Going Green

    In an era of budget cuts and increasing pressure to reduce travel and the high costs associated with classroom training, K2 has proven solutions to enable hands-on, self-paced training delivered on your intranet or in the Cloud.

    We also offer Virtualised Training Environments, which can eliminate the need to build and host a separate environment for classroom training.

  • Web Page

    Bring Your Own Device

    Our technology can enable users to access training on almost any device - including Adobe Flash content - from a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

    We also have solutions for older generation devices, and can track user take-up and performance from anywhere in the world, if desired.


Suzannah Crowell, CEO

Welcome Message from the CEO

Welcome to our new website! K2 Knowledge Solutions is a global Training and Knowledge Management consultancy specialising in eLearning, Software Simulations, Mobile Learning, Virtualised Training Environments, and Knowledge Capture and Transfer. We utilise cutting-edge technology and a team of world-class consultants to design solutions that will complement any organisation's Training Programme or Service Improvement initiative. We have teams in Asia Pacific, India, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, which enables us to develop content around the clock to meet challenging project timescales. Contact us today to find out how we can help your organisation achieve ROI through our innovative solutions.

Mobile Learning

Adobe Flash on an iPad? Absolutely.
K2 has mobile solutions which enable organisations to push training and communications to users on any mobile device, hosted by you, or by us in the Cloud. Do you have a requirement to keep an audit trail of training completion? Our Mobile Connector can send this data directly to your Learning Management System.


Our eLearning can be accessed by users when and where they need it, as often as required. This means users can complete an overview of a topic or an application, then wait until they need to know how to perform a specific task before undertaking a lesson. Our lessons are bite-sized and modular, (typically role and task-based), enabling you to tailor the training to suit each audience.

Rapid Development

K2 has developers around the globe, which enables us to develop content very quickly. A typical project consisting of 70 role and task-based simulations takes approximately 3-4 weeks. We typically begin to build the materials when UAT begins (as this is the time when the system is in the final stages of configuration), and the materials are completed well before go-live. This enables organisations to roll out training in a timely fashion and achieve maximum ROI.

Software Simulations

K2 specialises in the next generation of eLearning which can replicate the live experience in a simulated environment, without the need to build, host, and maintain a training environment. Users can access content on your intranet, in the cloud, or run it offline from a CD or a local machine. No special software is required - you only need a browser such as Internet Explorer v6 or later. Contact us to arrange a demonstration of this unique offering.

Client Success Story

Click on the link below to read a Case Study and reference letter from Martin Hopley, the CIO of the Department of Treasury and Finance in Victoria. In the past year, K2 helped the Department roll out a new desktop to 1100 users across 4 sites with minimal impact on the Service Desk, while realising a direct savings of over $290,000 in training costs.

Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria
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